Sample Statutory Declaration by the Inviters

Sample Statutory Declaration by the Inviters – Visitor Visa / Super Visa Application

We’ve attached a sample statutory declaration by the inviters that outlines various key points you’ll need to address in your own declaration. This sample covers important aspects such as:

  1. Introduction and Identification: The declaration begins with an introduction and identification of the inviting party, including their full name, address, and contact details.
  2. Relationship with the Applicant: It details the nature of the relationship between the inviting party and the applicant, emphasizing the familial or personal ties that exist.
  3. Financial Support and Accommodation: The declaration outlines the inviting party’s commitment to providing financial support and accommodation for the applicant during their stay in Canada.
  4. Duration and Purpose of Visit: It specifies the intended duration and purpose of the applicant’s visit, whether it’s for tourism, family reunion, or other reasons.
  5. Declaration of Responsibility: The inviting party declares their responsibility for the applicant during their stay in Canada, including their commitment to ensuring the applicant complies with Canadian laws and regulations.