Sample Employment Letter

Sample Employment Letter

(company letterhead)

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada
Dear Sir or Madam,

RE: Applicant’s name Job confirmation letter
DOB: Applicant’s Date of Birth, Citizen of ________

This letter is to confirm that (clients name) is employed with (company/employer) in a
(temporary/permanent, full-time/part-time) position for (hours per week) since (employment start
date). Their annual salary is (salary in $CAD) and includes (company benefits, if applicable).

The details of the applicant’s job position are as follow:
Position Title: (applicant’s professional title and corresponding NOC code)
Location: (address of employment)

Key responsibilities:

We thank you for your consideration of (applicant’s name) application.
(employer signature)
(title of employer)
(company address)
(company phone number)
(contact email address)