Provincial Nominee Program

Provincial Nominee Program Canada refers to the immigration programs that are permitted to the different provinces across Canada to select the prospective immigrants based on their value in labour market and economy.

If you are looking for Canadian Permanent Residency other the express entry program then the PNP is worth consideration.

Many of the Canadian provinces’ Nominee Programs are not limited to Skilled Worker but also for Businessmen and Investors.

The candidates who desire to immigrate and settle in one of the Canada’s provinces, can apply under their respectively available PNP programs. Every provinces has a fixed quota to allow a set of immigrants based on their eligibilty criteria, requirement, and other factors.

The participant Provinces have their agreements with IRCC (Immigration Citizenship Refugee Canada) that permit them to select candidates for their own province.

However, the final decision is still on Federal Government, IRCC, to check the selected candidates and issue them Visas based on their admissibility criteria.

Which Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP) are available in Canada?

Applicants must has the skills, education, and work experience to be able to make a positive contribution to the local economy and society. The province or territory will consider the application based on the needs of the specific province, as well as the applicant’s genuine intention to settle there.

British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BCPNP)
British Columbia offers wide-ranging streams and categories for workers, graduates, and entrepreneurs in its Provincial Nominee Program. It includes categories aligned with Canada’s federal Express Entry immigration selection system.

Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP)
Ontario has one of the most varied and dynamic of Canada’s Provincial Nominee Programs. Skilled workers, graduates, and businesspeople can plan their immigration to Ontario.

Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP)
Alberta is one of Canada’s most popular destinations for new immigrants, offering PNP streams for Express Entry candidates and non-Express Entry candidates. Its Provincial Nominee Program welcomes workers, graduates, and entrepreneurs to the province.

Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program
The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program has been undergoing changes over the last several years.

Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program
This province in the Canadian Prairies is looking to welcome Express Entry candidates, as well as workers in in-demand occupations.

Nova Scotia Nominee Program
With many Express Entry-aligned streams and room to welcome graduates and entrepreneurs, Nova Scotia is an increasingly popular destination for newcomers.

New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program
The NBPNP includes a popular Express Entry-linked stream, as well as opportunities for workers with a job offers and immigrant entrepreneurs.

Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program (PEI PNP)
The PEI PNP welcomes applications from Express Entry candidates, skilled workers, graduates, and business investors.

Newfoundland and Labrador Provincial Nominee Program (NLPNP)
The NLPNP includes Canadian immigration pathways for Express Entry candidates, graduates, workers, and business people.

Northwest Territories Nominee Program (NTNP)
If you have a job offer up north in the Northwest Territories, the NTNP could be your immigration route. Express Entry candidates have a dedicated stream under the NTNP.

Yukon Nominee Program (YNP)
Yukon is looking for Express Entry candidates and other workers, as well as business people, to contribute to life in the territory.

Note that Quebec does not have a Provincial Nominee Program, though it does operate its own Skilled Worker Program.

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