How to submit passport in India when a passport request by IRCC?

This information is for the applicants based in India and is of generic in nature for the information purpose only. For more info refer –

  1. Download Original Passport Request [PPR] from GC Key
  2. Fill the passport submission web form. Link:
  3. Select your Visa Category:
    • Select your Visa Category: Passport Submission for Temporary Resident (For Students)
    • Did you enroll Biometrics for this application? Yes
    • Location at which Biometrics was enrolled: The location where your biometric was done (E.g.: Bangalore / Chennai)
    • PINCODE for passport collection: Your current address pin code.
  4. Enter Applicant Details
    • First Name: (As per passport)
    • Last Name: (As per passport)
    • Address:
    • Application Number: (This you can find in your PPR (Starting with S/F/V etc ………………… )
    • Email Id:
    • Mobile Number:
    • Alternate Contact Number:
  5. Would you want Paid SMS service? (Status of your application): Yes
  6. Did you avail for PL services at the time of enrolling BIOMETRICS?
    1. Yes – If you have paid for Premium Service (Enter Tracking No: You can find this in your premium receipt)
    1. No – If you have opted for Normal Service
  7. Upload the Premium Payment Receipt pdf if you have opted for Premium service.
  8. Upload the Original Passport Request (PPR) pdf file.
  9. Enter Captcha

Click on the checkbox and then click submit tab.

TIP: Take the screenshot of the reference number generated for future.

  • You will receive a generic/confirmation email from stating that they have received your web form request.
  • You will receive the payment link via email from for passport pickup.
  • Verify the details and make the payment and take the screenshot of the reference number.
  • If you didn’t receive the payment link even after 24hrs, you can reply to the confirmation mail that you have received before and state that you haven’t received the link yet
  • You will receive an email with AWB number from for pick up. Download the Consent Form and Courier Form.
  • If you didn’t receive the AWB mail even after 24hrs, you can reply to the payment link mail that you have received before and state that you haven’t received the AWB number yet and attach the screenshot of payment reference)

Consent Form:

Courier Form:

After this purchase an A4 size envelope and take the printout of all these documents and keep the envelope ready.

  • Valid Original Passport
  • Original Passport Request (PPR)
  • Duly Filled Courier Form
  • Duly Filled Consent Form

Visa Vyom Immigration

Phone: +1-778-536-7720



For information purposes only – Write on the envelop: (Format)

The Officer
VFS Global Canada
From, (Optional)
(Student Name as per Passport) (Address)
(Contact Number) (Email ID)
Airway Bill Number (AWB): (Your awb no.)
  • Keep your parcel ready.
  • Courier representative will collect the parcel from your pickup address. (Or you can contact nearest blue dart/courier office and may submit the parcel there by visiting the office)
  • After that you will receive mails from the VFS regarding stamping process status.
  • You will receive second AWB for second way courier/return after stamping.
  • AWB will be trackable after 10-12 hours.
  • After passport stamping your GC Key status will be updated and your eligibility and final decision will show updated dates.
  • After this you will receive Correspondence Letter which is Port of Entry Letter (POE) in your GC Key.
  • After this wait for your stamped passport to get delivered back. Visa Vyom